God Of Brahma- Deva Trimurti

God Of Brahma- Deva Trimurti


Deva Trimurti 2          Deva Phrom 1     Deva Phrom        Deva Vishnu

Deva Vishnu 1        Deva Shiva        Deva Shiva 1        Deva Trimurti


Deva Trimurti( Pic 1,2), can be found in type of thai buddha amulet and statues. Was Custodian of the gods, combination of three Brother- Deva Vishnu, Deva Shiva, Deva Brahma.

Deva Vishnu(Pic 3,4, 5) known as Lord of Creator, he created the world, included human beings.

Deva Shiva/ Siva( Pic 5,6) known as Lord of Destroy, he had the power to destroy whatever created by Deva Vishnu.

Deva Brahma known as Lord of Wish. He was the gift wisher to all living things in the world, with four different kind of hearts: Metta-full of loving-kindness heart, Karuna-forgiving heart, Mudita-joyful heart and Upekkha-endure heart. Gautama Buddha has been mentioned that everyone can become Deva Brahma if the person is fulfilling the requirement of these four different kind of hearts.

Trimurti represented the god of Brahma, three of them have their own ability to carry on their individual duty- Create, Destroy and Wish. Although most of the buddhist disciple not aware of Deva Trimurti, it’s have same alert compared with other god, Deva always on top of us, everything can be create, also can be destroy. Do what is good, whatever things we wish and pray everyday to be certain are depends on our Merits, which is the alms-giving or charity we doing , this is the only way to get blessing from Deva Trimurti.


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