Wat Tad Sutwan located in Tambon Khung Kak Thian, Am Phert Meng, Jiang Wat Rachaburi. This temple has two hundred years of history, according to the first presided old villager, the first monk took charge at the temple was Luang Por Tong.

Luang Por Tong was work hard to scrape for temple fund to restored and build this ancient temple. After the death of Luang Por Tong, there was no other monk continue to fulfill his last wish. The old villagers held a meeting, they worried the temple will slowly collapse disrepair if no monk can continue to take care .The villagers decided to go Tiao Mekhong request monk Ajahn Nu to take care of this temple. Ajahn Nu was only twenty out of years, he came to Wat Tad Sutwan, gathered with the villagers and discussed about the preparation for the temple fund.

One day, the state president knew about the hard work of Ajahn Nu been dedicated to scrape temple fund and have been respect and esteem by the villagers. The State president prepared the related documents to recommend him as the host of this temple, but was turned down.

Villagers was constantly pleading Ajahn Nu take over the temple but was turned down again and again. Finally Ajahn Nu decided to stay and take care of this temple, but only as people incharge instead of host. He was returned to secular life, keep the Buddhism 8 precepts. as white master(Ajahn). Ajahn Nu helped the villagers with what he has learned at Traditional Thai Tattoo and spells. They were willing to donate part of their revenue to Ajahn Nu as temple fund.

Since Ajahn Nu was not a monk, he can’t manage everything of the temple on behalf , so he invited his disciple Matthamanah served as the third host of Wat Tad Sutwan, also the current Luang Por Lek, at Buddhist calendar 2537.

Close to the Buddhist calendar 2510, Ajahn Nu again gathered all the villagers to discuss reconstruction of the palace, which is for early and evening Vespers lessons of the monks. They continued to scrape of temple fund, until he passed away at the age of 87, was the Buddhist calendar 2537.

After Ajahn Nu passed away, his disciples included prominent officials, chaired the temple, president of the state, they are very grateful at the contribution of Ajahn Nu ,his disciples decided to compliment his contribution the current ninth emperor, to pray for the sacred fire ,to cremate his remains. This way of cremation, just like the Malaysian state funeral, but to give people a real contribution to the country.

His disciple- Ajahn Rak proficient in old master various of spells and Traditional Thai Tattoos, uphold the old master’s wishes, he learned to use, with incumbent president Luang Por Lek, continuing to scrape temple fund. Now the temple project ‘Sara’, has completed 80%.

(These are cursory record of the contribution for Ajahn Nu.)

The meanings of doing good deeds by donate to temple fund:

1. Bot (monks palace) – is the starting point of a temple, everyday the monks doing morning and evening classes, continuation of the Buddha Dharma and education, promote and enrich Buddhism teaching.

2. Sara – the palace of monks to precepts, also the palace to gather and do good deeds by Buddhism

3. KUTIPH- monks resting place

In Thailand, the well known monk Luang Por Koon was scrape temple fund, doing good deeds, set up many facilities for peoples such as hospitals, schools, police station and etc。

***1990, Wat Tad Sutwan***





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