November 2018 Event-Thai Sak Yant & Shangkaktan



We are invited our white master AJAHN RAK and Luong Por Suchad to Malaysia from 21th November 2018 to 2nd December 2018.

Ajarn Rak is proficient in Thai Sak Yant, gold leaf blessing, flower bath, amulets chanting, thai tattoo chanting….. for luck, healthy, business, wealth and protection.

Luong Por Suchad is the person in charge of Wat Nim Sut Kah Lam, is under the temple presided. We are preparing monks’ daily necessities (called Shangkakthan in Thai) and monk robes ( called Jiwom in Thai) pricing RM39- RM299, for disciples to do Dana (charity) or make offerings to Monks. According to Buddha’s education if we make offerings to monks that follow Precepts and practice, we are able to get merits. The monks are able to transfer the merits to our Karmic creditors, parents, ancestors, guardian deity or aborted baby.

Kindly refer to the schedule as per below:

#Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

-21th November (Wednesday) 1pm- 10pm

-22th November (Thurday) – 26th November (Monday) 10am-9pm

#Muar, Johor

-28th November( Wednesday) – 2nd December (Sunday) 10am-9pm

Welcome contact us for appointment

017-6521212 ANDY OH- (Principle of Phra Jiao Ha Phra Ong Article Enterprise,Kuala Lumpur and Mantin Branch)

016-2015888 Mr Heng– ( Principle of Phra Jiao Ha Phra Ong Amulet Enterprise, Muar Branch)

See you there…..

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