Thai Tattoo Meaning


Thai Tattoo, is an art of tattooring sacred and intricate geometrical designs that spells by a genuine Thai master, believed have magical power to stop bullets and  block knife blades(only used for self-protection, not illegal ), to avoid accidents, enhance relations with people and persuasive, thriving and prosperous for business and trade, protection against evil spirits.

No flower can bloom for a hundred days: our fortunes have up and downs. When the time up, normally we wouldn’t appreciated, because we think this is what should happen; when the time down, our fortune can be maintain or drop not so badly with the power of tattoo combine with the good deeds that we done before, compared without having Thai Tattoo or Thai Amulet.  

Why we need to wear Thai Amulet even had Thai Tattoo

We will take off Thai Amulet at some circumstances such as bathing, rest etc; when the Thai Amulet take off, accidents might occur in any times , instead of Thai Sak Yant is always with us.

Is there a taboo tattoo?

There are two major taboo tattoo was observed:
1. Tattoos can’t be trample by anyone; same like the gods statues that we are esteeming , apparently it shown disrespectful to god if being stepped by others, it’ll lost the power of blessing. 
2. The disciples with Thai tattoo not encourage have any romantically or heterosexual  intimacy involved with somebody already in a committed relationship.

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