The Story of Kuman Thong

The Story of Kuman Thong


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Kuman Thong was a deity belong to heaven, such as Rebels (Prince Marshal) or Red Boy from Taoism. At ancient times, thai temple always short of capital and resources during produced Kuman Thong, they would go for easy found and natural material which was clay. These kind of material can get from hillside and massy grave area. Clay had been delivered to noble monk or Ajarn after clean up. The statues of Kuman Thong had been sculptured slowly with chanted incantations of Kata till complete.

Once every batch of Kuman Thong have been completed, the temples choose a suitable date for chanting ceremony, with the joining of noble monk and Acharya from other Temple. When a traditional Thai Temple produced any thai amulets, Buddha statues, charm in type of cloth and any Buddhist relics, the main purpose are to share merit with all the Buddha disciples, at the same times they would have opportunity to do charity. After the charity ceremony, the relics that have been chanted will present as donation gift to disciples. In order to protect them from danger, accident and as a reminder to those Buddhists, “ Refrain from doing all evil, implement what is good “.

Buddha mentioned, only human beings having opportunity to do charity instead of those spirit from Naraka and heaven don’t have opportunity to achieve their Merit. When thai temples organized merit ceremony, those deties and spirit have been invited by noble monk and Acharya with their merit of religious practice and Samadhi. Deities and spirit from Naraka will join for the purpose of hoping the merit of ceremony can be transfer to them. At the same times, the merit can be a protection and blessing to those disciples in ceremony who are doing charity.

As mentioned, clay material majority came from hillside or mass grave area, it mix with bone ash from no name spirits, ghosts without merits to reborn, who died in accident or unnatural death. These spirits would appear during the ceremony, psychically communicated with monk or Acharya and tell them about their name, birth date and dead story. They protect and help those disciples, as to hope the Merits of ceremony can be transfer to them. ( Note : Ghosts and spirits can sense of the person pursuing religious practice )

After chanting ceremony, disciples may select to consecrate the statue or amulet of Kuman Thong that they like. The donation will use as temple fund, school fund or hospital fund. The person in charge of temple always encourage disciples to do more charity as to transfer the Merits to Kuman Thong, and instruct them to take care the Kuman Thong. At the same time, disciples have more opportunity to do charity at the temples.

The spirits of Kuman Tong were kids and died in resentment, as to release them from Dukka, the merit of charity is only they requested. Some of the Kuman Thong were properly taken care but for some disciples who not follow the instruction and ignore the promise, Kuman Tong will disturb and take revenge to the disciple or their family. at the end, they returned the statue to temple and pray for forgiveness.  After such issue increased,  a lot of temple renounce to use bone ash material.  This way can remain the opportunity for disciple come to Temple doing charity, can avoid the chances of return Kuman Thong increasing.

Dear all Buddha’s disciples, please think carefully before you consecrate the statue of Kuman Thong with bone ash. If the statue made by temples, it is for charity. Any problem happen, solution and  chanting incantation can be provided by temple. Hope to share the Merits together, sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

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