The Story Of Wealth Goddess – Nang Fah

Nang Fah


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The parent of Nang Fah came from ancient India Noble Phram , they were white master that conduct themselves morally and took Precepts at Wat Na Nam Temple. Nang Fah named Sutphrawatdee mean pretty as fairy, a lot of people think that if their child was good looking and pretty, the parent must have the gene but unfortunately was no.

Why Sutphrawatdee looked so pretty? It was due to during Three Buddha came to ancient India promoted Buddha’s Dharma education, she always consecrated nice food and requisites of monk (Dana) to Three Buddha, furthermore she had offered the best things of her belonging and all her stuff must packed nicely before consecrate. She maintained such good acts for a few cycles of her lifetime, good karma produced a good effect, morally good acts will have positive consequences. Thus it had formed pretty look and smell of flower scent to Sutphrawatdee . (In Thailand temples, Buddha’s disciple will place gold left on statue of Buddha, Arahats and Noble Monk, gold consider is precious for them ).

The birth of Sutphrawatdee had lively this village, villager from local and outskirt came for the purpose of witness the pretty of Sutphrawatdee . Those were able to see her couldn’t believe in this world have such pretty lady, in their mindset she must be fairy that enlighten them from mundane world, thus they consecrated their belonging like gold and silver to Sutphrawatdee. The news had been disseminated, villagers  that never seen her will prepare precious jewelry before visit her.

Sutphrawatdee was born with  loving kindness heart, she donated all contribution goods to those who need like poor villager, temples and monk.  Everyone had been touched and influenced by her kindness, consequently encouraged them to do charity with Sutphrawatdee.

Human being will getting old, sick and die, no exception for Sutphrawatdee too. After she died, those villager that being accepted her favor before were thinking the way to continue the charity. At the end they decided to set up a statue of Sutphrawatdee. Apart from all villager can continue doing good deed , they also always remember her.

Nowadays, most of Thailand disciples that doing business or trading commonly offer sacrifice and consecrate the statue of Sutphrawatdee, They believed Sutphrawatdee will bring luck to them.  Thus Sutphrawatdee have been renamed as Nang Fah ( Goddess of Wealth). Nang Fah can be found in amulet as well, it’s has been recognized as the best thai amulet for wealth.

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