The Story Of SangKarCai

 The Story Of SangKarCai


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Sangkarcai was a discipline and precept disciple of Gautama Buddha. He understand and preached the education of Dhamma, also one of the 500 Arhats. Sangkarcai’s appearance looked like Buddha, many disciples mistaken he was Buddha. Due to reputation of Buddha, Sangkarcai changed his appearance to obesity look with big belly by using his super power . Thus it had ended the misunderstand.

Buddha has foretell Sangkarcai will be the next Buddha(5th Buddha). When the 5th buddha born ,world is peace, no war, everyone will be at same levels, with kindness and full of pity.

Nowadys, many Dhamma book have foretell about the 5th Buddha looked obesity with big belly, which same as SangKarCai looked like. It can be found in type of Buddha statue , Thai God Amulet and Thai Tattoo . Hope we can do more charity in order to fulfill Merits to meet The 5th Buddha. Sahdu Sahdu Sahdu

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