The Story of Thai Palad Khik

Lord Shiva & Devi Parvati                    Devi Parvati                    Parakit 1

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The Story of Thai Palad Khik

Palad Khik, the Thai Penis Amulet( Photo 3,4,5,6), represented Lord Shiva and his wife Devi Parvati (Photo 1). In ancient times, village’s lifestyle was commonly father as farmer work at paddy field, mother as housewife prepare lunch for husband at paddy field and dinner during husband came back, mother also do housework and mend clothes when on free time.

In village, normally cats and dogs wandering around meanwhile kids play at open space. Most of the kids always bitten by dogs since they not understand animal behavior. Noble monk and Arjan that stay in this village noticed a lot of bite case happened, they had hand make small wooden penis named Palad Khik to the parents, and asked them to wear for their kids on neck or waist as the Talisman can protect bitten by dog. The kids only had minor injury and some didn’t injured at all after been bite by dogs, the news spread around the village and Parakit becomes the best protection for their kids.

Palad Khik statue( photo 7 ), image of penis represented Lord Shiva, male’s characteristic is mean creativity; Yoni filled with water represented Devi Parvati (Photo 2) , female’s characteristic is mean nourishes the earth. Thus, it remind us to be obedient our parent, without them without us. The First Merits is Filial Piety.

The Palad Khik that hand made by our old master Arjan Nu and White master Arjan Rak ( Photo 8,9) also has magic power to get rid of evil spirits, prevent danger, enhance relationship with others and business. It will crack by itself if misuse at adultery and sexual conduct purpose, as these kind of purpose shown disrespect to the talisman. The Palad khik can wear together with other Thai Amulets, hanging on clothes or around waist.

Remark : The function and direction to wear as mentioned only refer to the Palad Khik that hand made by our old master Arjan Nu and white master Arjan Rak.


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