Upcoming Event- 2018 Grand Master Worship Ceremony

Dear Buddha’s disciples,
We are invited Buddhist monks and Ajarn Rak to Malaysia for 2018 Ceremony Worship of our Grand Master.
The Buddhist Monk are Luong Phor Suchad and Lun Phor Tawee. They are pratice monk precepts, from Temple Nim Sut Kah Lam, chief of supervisor that ssisting chief monk to managing the temple.
We shall prepare  sangkakthan ( monks daily necessities ) and jiwom ( monks robes)  for Dana ( pricing RM99-RM299). The Dana & merit will be transfer by Luong Phor Suchad to our parents, ancestors, karmic  creditors, aborted baby and guardian deity. Buddha taught that only Buddhists monks is qualified for Merits transfering.
The Ceremony will host by Ajarn Rak
1) KL –  Sri Petaling
—》Ceremony of Grand Master:
*** Disciples may take vegetarian for earlier 3-9 days ***
23/6/2018 Saturday  ( Start from 6pm) open to  public
24/6/2018 Sunday ( 9am – 5pm) only for disciple have Sak Yant that did by Ajarn  Rak.
—》 Sak Yant( Tattoo), Gold Leaf Blessings, Flowers Bath -10am  to 9pm :
21/6/2018 Thursday
22/6/2018 Friday
25/6/2018 Monday
2)  JOHOR ~ Muar
—》Ceremony of Grand Master:
 *** ALL disciple may take vegetarian earlier for 3-9 days***
30/6/2018  Saturday ( start from 6pm) open to public.
1/7/2018 Sunday (9am – 5pm)only For Disciple have Sak Yant that did by Ajarn Rak.
—》 Sak Yant( Tattoo), Gold Leaf Blessings, Flowers Bath:
27/6/2018 Wednesday ~ 29/6/2018 Friday  10am – 9pm:
Wuluohan Samnak wish all our Disciples graceful and healthy. Kindly contact us for reservation for Sak Yant:
Andy Oh 017-6521212
Soon 019-6276851
Yumico 016-3169523.

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