Zodiac Fortune 2016

丙申猴年2016                   属猪运程2015091118073171569                 属蛇运程

运程属猴                 属虎运程


Zodiac Fortune 2016

Good day, first of all we would like to wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai. Zodiac Fortune is operated by the law of natural which formatted the law of attraction for sun and moon,full and half moon and four season. The law of attraction for sun and moon have created the Law of Tide, earth’s rotation has created day and night scenery, crustal movement caused earthquakes…. all are bounding by the power of these natural laws.

In year 2016 Fire Monkey Bingshen, zodiac fortune for those born on Lunas year of Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig are undulates. Have to pay attention to your health and  safety as carelessness can fail you. Keep pleasure mood regularly, that will give you better solution for all problem and arguments.  Our zodiac fortune is changeable depending on charity and merit , such as donation, almsgiving medicine, volunteer and blood donation.

We should always perform Parinama after charity. For those disciple that having thai sacred tattoo by our Arjan or thai amulets wearer, remember to perform Parinama to your parents, ancestry, our old Arjan that pass away and Deva, to pray for their blessing and protection. At the same time, every day you may chanting the Sak Yant and amulets scriptures that provided for same blessing.

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